The Brick

It’s been a bad year for me and the bike. Its hardly been turned on and looks forlorn everytime I open the garage and pass by it either to take its stablemate the Vespa to work or a menial task like taking the garbage out to the curb.

Work has gotten in the way. I missed April and May by not being here but rather on tour for work which was sad because the weather here during that time was great and there was an early start to the riding season that is not typical here that I could not take advantage of.

Its sad┬ábecause I have started a new hobby this year which is perfect for this hobby I already enjoy and that is War of 1812 re-enacting. I did manage to ride down to the largest such event this year which was at Stoney Creek…that was great.

I have also signed up for a farm CSA program, both meat and veggie and have been enjoying getting weekly or monthly boxes, depending on the farm, of fresh farm produce. It also tastes great too and makes you feel good that you’re supporting local farms. Remember, farms feed cities.