Looking at the picture

Just looking at the picture on my blog reminds me the little great moments when I stop and trade in the sound of air rushing past my ears for absolute silence of some back country rural road often interupted only by birds and windsong. I can’t wait to be in that moment again.


I actually have two machines

Truth be told I actually have two machines. And up until recenlty both were fast asleep with dreams of sugarplums and future roads dancing in their heads.

With the curious and surprisingly mild and reasonably warm winter we’re having in Toronto right now, I decided to awake the Granturismo to drive to and from work every day.

So for the past few days I have been riding to work which I have really enjoyed having just come back from London, England where one has the opportunity to practically ride all year round.

I am pleased to report that Contessa, as I lovingly call my Vespa, is not as finicky as she was last year and is operating very well in much colder conditions than she really prefers.

As enjoyable as the thought is of riding this time of year and besting my previous record of riding up until Christmas Eve, there are dangers inheirent with being on two wheels in January.

First and foremost is, no one is expecting to encounter motorcycles this time of year so no one sees you. Unlike other countries, Canada is not a scooter or motorcycle nation like England, France or Italy. They remain here, very much a novelty and are certainly not a common conveyence in Toronto as they are in say Paris. People in cars here tend not to notice you even during the summer months so winter is especially dangerous as its not really “bike season”.

With this in mind I come in early and try to leave before it gets dark. I am wearing my bike touring outfit that features a bright orange jacket to enhance my visibility. To see and be seen is the rule right now.

This morning as I write this it was raining and windy so I didn’t ride today but hopefully I can again before the real snow flies.